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Our list of Dalnet adult IRC chat and porn trading channels. While we list all current IRC adult chat channels the list is subject to variation as channels are closed and new ones are opened, so keep checking back often for the most current list. When chatting or trading in IRC channels, be sure to observe the rules of the channels you enter. We make no guarantee as to what you might find in these channels or accept any responsibility for the content of these channels. All said and done, happy porn hunting. The links below should launch the mIRC IRC chat client if it is installed and connect you to the correct channel. If you do not have mIRC installed then you can download it from HERE

#0------------------- In search of Fat Girls that I can sexually abuse....
#!000000boycompanions A place where men and boys can live in harmony, where sex is secondary to companionship, no gratuitous sex talk, no trading /illegal activity/ no offensive nicks....have fun.hugs sniffy`, I will see u on monday after school
#0!!!!!!!!!!!!!12yroldsexx No Description Available.
#0!!!!!!!!!!!!!16yroldsex No Description Available.
#0!!!!!!!!!!!!!17yroldsex try !list for sexy TEENS doing what they do best! Beach pics, rave, goth, Xray, series, trading and more! -no Preteen allowed- for over 18, also try #allsexpics
#0!!!!!!!!!!!!!18yroldsex FSERVERS WELCOME, Trade, Chat and have a good time....
#01realwifesexpics The Best "Damn" Channel on DALnet! Chatting, Trading, Fserves, Trivia Games,Trade Your Personal Pics, or Just Drop in For Some Friendly Chat. Home of the "Pic-O-The-Day" Channel founded
#0!BBw-&-sexyolderwomen-Pics this is the one for BBW Fans and Older WOMEN Check us out ops needed
#0!!!!!!!!!Mom'n'SOnsex 16 + Fantasy Room - Where Mom and Sons can come to talk. Be nice to the ladies!!!
#0!!!!animalsexpics Free animalsex pics and MPEGS
#0!!!!babysex Welcome to #0!!!!Babysex, Females and friends get voiced. Bad chans: rape, snuff, pain, extreme, force, abuse, and trading chans. No violent nicks. no trading of ANY kind. Ask in chan BEFORE u msg ANYONE! Triggers will be banned! Have Fun!!!
#0!!!!!!babysexchat Come chat with us about babies and there needs- strictly no pics or force topics
#0!!!bestsexpics Fileservers are welcome here NO PRETEEN Check out: and our sister channels #xxxsexpics #100%sexpics #0!!!!!!!!!!supersexpics and #filetrading
#0!!!!bifem-dogsex Welcome to #0!!!!bifem-dogsex LadyMary's friendly channel! -Fserves only with Ops approval type !servers to see a list of fservers 18+ Only ! We do not approve of rape and pedophile / underage channels - please leave immediately. DO NOT message anyone unless you ask!!
#0!!!!!!!!!bro&sissex 'Welcome to the bro/sis sex channel is for people who beleive in family love No pic/trades/fservers in open channel, No co-channeling of rape / snuff / forcedsex channels'
#0!!!!!!childsexchat where sex and love are the topic drop in a discuss your thoughts and fantasies , NO fservers / trading / pics, and NO mention of rape / snuff / forced se x/ extremesex topics
#0!!!!!!!childslavesex 'Welcome to #0!!!!!!!childslavesex, Dalnet's premier fantasy channel for pedo BDSM. No pics, trading or fserves. No Co-Channeling with trading/hacking channels. Please limit personal ads / trolls / requests to once every 15 minutes, if you MUST. All ages welcome and above all, enjoy yourself :)
#0!!!!!!!_cumsluts&whores Welcome to the sexiest channel on irc with the same name as this one. 17+. Girls are invited to type !girl for a tiara. Recent scientific studies show that men who ask before private messaging get the best results, and those who don't might have a nasty fall. Behave!
#0!!!!!!!!!dad&daughtersex The "original" dad & daughter channel, fantasy only.....NO TRADING / FSERVS ... NO repetitive ads.. 16+ ONLY!
#0!!!!!!!!dad&daughtersex The original 'original'. Where Dads and Daughters cum to play - Fantasy Only - NO Trading or fserves, NO PEDO, CAM, PHONE or WEB ads, about 10 minutes between ads please.
#0!!!!!!!!!!dogsex Welcome animal lover's to the friendly 18+ channel..No incest / rape / pedo /snuff / underagesex channels / ask in channel before you msg / dcc anyone..Fservers need OP approval.. And before you ask..Yes i am & Yes i do..enjoy your stay..
#0!!!!dogsex-downunder Welcome. This an 18+ channel..No incest / rape / pedo / snuff / underagesex co-channels / ask in channel before you msg / dcc anyone.. Fservers need OP approval.
#0!!!!!!!!!!dogsex_&_fileservers ¤º°º¤¤º°º¤WELCOME TO #0!!!!!!!!!!dogsex_&_fileservers 18+ ONLY...PLEASE RESPECT THE OTHER PEOPLE ON THIS CHANNEL AND HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!¤º°º¤¤º°º¤
#0!!!!!!extremechildsexchat "The Non-Trade forum to share and discuss experiences and ideas regarding the sexualizing and severe discipline of children, and the wonders of their discovering their intended role in life"
#0!!!!!!!!familysex fun for ALL the family NO Trading or fserves, NO Pedo, NO CAMS or phone, about 10 minutes between ads please.
#0!!!!!!!forcedfamilysex Fantasy Sex - Come in and play - 16+ : NO TRADING / FSERVES
#0!!!!free_sex_pics WELCOME TO tHE bEST wE hAVE IT all And The First one is free
#0!fuckmywife 18+ The kind of place where sharing means hot sex !!!! :o) Share your wife with other channel members if you want someone to come around and fuck her while you watch. Swingers and threesomes a speciality of this chan.
#0!!!!!!!!!!horsesex Welcome all animal lovers..this is a friendly..16+ channel the legal age of sexual consent in the UK..No pedo / rape / preteen / incest / snuffsex channels..Fservers need OP approval..please ask in channel before you msg / dcc anyone.. enjoy your stay.
#0!!!!!!!!impregnationsex Welcome to the channel - no fservers, or co channeling with rape, animal...unless it's a great dane or scooby doo channel, no kid channels - type !rules for a full list of rules. Have a nice day :) Remember to donate to Dom's Early Retirement Fund, please give generously
#0!!!!!!!littleboysexchat Welcome to LBSC ... where boys are the most important people and gurls can be BL's too. DON'T trade, guestnick, forcetalk, clone, repeat, advertise, fserv, or annoy people. DO chat and have fun! Boys under 17 type !boy to get a plussie.
#0!!!!!!!!!!!littlekidsex ..WelCome To #0!!!!!!!!!!!littlekidsex no trading or Co-channeling with trading channels or fservers, Females & Friends Get Voiced + Ask in channel before you msg anyone Triggers Will Be Banned Come In And Have Fun
#0!!!!!!!ltlgirlsandanimals "The channel for little girls who enjoy sex with their four legged friends, and for those who love and admire lil girls like that. CHAT ONLY! No trading, no fservers, no violent channels, and NO rudeness or disrespect towards the girls."
#0!!!!!!!ltlgirlsexchat Sexy and Friendly FANTASY CHAT Channel for YOUNG GIRLS and those that love them!!! No snuff, torture, rape, force, extreme, mom & son channels. No trading, invites, on-joins or spam. 15 minutes between trolling messages. No Guest, all caps or random nicks. Girls under 20 type !girl for a plussy
#0!!!!!momdaughtersex Welcome to mds - the friendliest MomDaughterSex channel on DALNET - The house where mothers and daughters meet to chat ... NO fserves, NO traders, Only polite people.
#0!!!!!!!!!!!!mom'n'sonsex Welcome to the Best Mom'n'sonsex channel....Have Fun
#0!!!!!!!!!!mom'n'sonsex ¨¨°º©o¿,,¿o©º°¨¨°º© #0!!!!!!!!!!mom'n'sonsex ©º°¨¨°º©o¿,,¿o©º°¨¨ -
#0!!!!!!!!naughtyofficesex 16+ channel: NO MESSAGING WITHOUT PERMISSION A place where workers, bosses and their secretaries get some action.. HTTP://!!!!!!!!naughtyofficesex QOTD: Why is ash such a monkey?
#0!!!!!!newbie-dogsex ¤º°º¤.,¸,¸,.,¤º°º¤ This 18+ Dogsex Channel is for the new and curious to have fun. Don't message without asking permisson in Channel first , Fservers must be approved. ¤º°º¤.,¸¸,.¤º°º¤
#0!!!!!!!!!!pedomoms Welcome To #0!!!!!!!!!!Pedomoms A Fantasy Channel For ladies to meet and play with gentlemen who love them AND their kids. Bad chans: momnsonsex, rape, abuse, force, and trading chans. No preteen males, same sex trolling, and trading Triggers will be BANNED Have Fun
#0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pedostorychat This channel is for authors and readers to chat about NICE pedo stories and other things. NO TRADING EVER. No cams, phone sex, rape, forced, torture, snuff or other nasty channels. IF you LIKE NASTY stories please DO NOT chat about them here thank you. If you want a story try or
#0!!!!!pregpreteens ¬ Little Girls Who Hate Condoms And Love RISK! / NO pic / trading or fservers No rape / snuff / forced sex channels ¬
#0!!!!!!!!schoolgirlsex Welcome to #0!!!!!!!!SchoolGirlSex.. Plaid Skirts, Pigtails, Kneesocks, what more could you ask for? Fantasy Chat Only. 16+ Please type !girl for your complimentary plussy or !rules for a list of the SGS rules. You toucha my ops, I breaka your fingers!
#0!!!!sexyolderwomen_pix Trading XXX sexyolderwomen & mature pix - NO KIDDIE, INCEST, ANIMAL, ETC.
#0!!!!!!shortskirtsex {æ{©{æ{©{æ{©{æ{© Welcome To #0!!!!!!shortskirtsex 18+ Channel. Usual no-no's about co-channeling ... Please do not msg other users without getting permission in channel first. Channel web site at ©}æ}©}æ}©}æ}©}æ}
#0!!!!!shortskirtsex Welcome to #0!!!!!shortskirtsex If your Looking for Porn join #Warez-N-Porn or our new channel #SexNSkirts for chat enjoy your stay !!! (shaunna)
#0!!!!subdogsex ¤º°º¤.,¸¸,.¤º°º¤ Masters classes for Dogsex subs . state Dom(me)/sub when entering channel .¤º°º¤.,¸¸,.¤º°º¤
#0!!!!teensexpics Free teesex pics and MPEGS
#0!!!!!!toddlersexchat Hey why not drop in and chat with us about the sensuality and sexuality of todddlers. please keep pics trading or force related chat out.
#0!whorehousesex Welcome To The Best Lil Whore House On The Net!!! Must Be 18+
#0!!!!!!!!!!xxxsexpics No Description Available.
#100%amateursexpics Welcome To #100%amateursexpics Join our friends #100%realsexpics at #100%sexpicsplus for fun times and great amateur sex pics trading for one and for all. Enjoy your stay•
#123AAAQuality_Sex_Pics_&_Movies NO Morons, or Lameness..Spread the Word...
#100%animalsexmovies The place on the net to get / trade animal - human sex Movies. 18+ No co-hosting with child porn or other unwanted channels.. want to learn for free? try here...
#100%animalsexpics The place on the net to get / trade animal - human sex Pictures. 18+ No co-hosting with child porn or other unwanted channels.. want to learn for free? try here...
#100%blackleechsexpics October'S, 2002 BLack Female Hardcore Free Series of Pics at
#100%boylove ©º°¨¨°º©©º°¨¨°º© Boyz Island - Please mind our guidelines: no fighting, trading of sex pix, being on major sex channels or spoofing. Neither rumours nor rumour-mongers are welcome here. If u must, do it somewhere else - Join our main channel by typing /join #boys2haven ©º°¨¨°º©©¨º°¨¨°º©
#100%collegegirlsexparty Är du inte med så är du emot | Dagens Låt: Cannibal Corpse - Post Mortal Ejaculation
#100%collegegirlsexpics [SFS] Spam Free!! Tonz of servers here for your needs!! Also try our Full Length Movie Channel out #LeechPornCollectors For lotsa kewl shit join #File-Freaks
#100%leechsexpics RATIO FREE CABLE / DSL FSERVERS !undy !Strokin !fserve !B4U !Spanked !Moovies !misc !Vanilla_Moovies !ace|vids !ace !porn !PENNYS PALACE @BobbiCD !storyman !series !zipseriesCD !SP-Pics @JohannaTS fserves / ftps welcome Join tha list at:
#100%preteenboysexpics No Description Available.
#100%realsexpics -WELCOME- To #100%Realsexpics Visit • #100%Amateursexpics • #123AAAQuality_Sex_Pics_&_Movies OP positions now needed here and in #100%amateursexpics memo Applejax for info!!
#100%sexpics Fileservers are welcome here NO PRETEEN
#100%sexpicsplus Fserv's Welcome inside! Join #sexpicsplus and find all the HOTTEST PORN ACTION on DALnet! Also check out #BroadBand^Porn AND #XXX_PORN_PASS_CRACKS Loyalty Receives OP. NO PRETEEN ALLOWED!!! 18 AND UP TO ENTER!!!!
#123AAAQuality_Sex_Pics_&_Movies Friendly place to trade. Preteen channels and files not tolerated here. Check out our sister channels #100%sexpicsplus and #100%Amateursexpics :)
#1-fempainslutslavesex WELCOME to #1-fempainslutslavesex (18+ BDSM Channel) female SLUTS / SLAVES / SUBS enjoyment of PAIN and slaveSEX male submissives Welcome! Please type !Rules CUM and experience the pleasure of PAIN with Us!
#1-femsubmissionsex No Description Available.
#1-femsubmission&slavesex Welcome to #1-femsss, Home to some of the sexiest subs & Dom/mes on Dal. Visit our website at 18+ 
#8!!!!!!!!allpreteensex No Description Available.
#Allsexpics Working to be SPAM FREE..PLEASE WAIT FOR VOICE. This is where you'll find Fservers, FTP's, WEB-ADS, Traders, and Just about anything if not checkout these other great channesl #100%collegegirlsexpics , #MPG_AVI_SEXXX_PICS_N_PORN , #Porno_Sexpics_n_Movies !
#BISEXORGY 18+ English ONLY PLEASE Pussies pulsating, Pricks pounding, and screams of sexuality Please type !rules for a list of rules for the channel. Visit our webpage for a list of unacceptable co-channels Please ask an op about our sister channel!
#Babysex Condolences To Victims Of Bali Blast. Peace Will Prevail
#BiSex Bisexual Fun & Games, Trade Pics or find a cyberfriend! -- FServe's Welcome!! 0For AOP's park yerself here and wait a few days.
#BlackMasters&subsexsluts Come, sit and serve your Black Masters
#Breastmilk&Pregsex 18+ Welcome To Breastmilk and Pregsex!! Enjoy Your Stay, Play Nice and Naughty !!
#CapeBreton_Swingers Welcome to CapeBreton_Swingers~ !!!EXTRA!!!EXTRA!!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!! Boo-bear wants everyone to look for the sequel to BUBBA..The Son of BUBBA starring the incomparable PlaymatesexyF ..coming to a dance near you!
#Cave Welcome to Sex Club!; Rules: Prohibited: violance, swearing, floodbots, clones, spamming, forced invitations, op begging, dogs, parasites, frogs, toilet bugs, and other disgusting stuffs. Permitted: cum exploiting, gay blowjob, anal sex0ring, pussy licking, and all other funstuffs.
#!!!!!!!!!!Cyber_Sex_and_Chat NEW CHANNEL - NEED OPS! Mircs newest and best anything goes sex chat channel.
#ExoticGirliePics_&_Movies Come hang out, and Trade your MOVIES & PICS widdus; Also at #Blacksexpics #Sexpic-Traders #Free_Warez #!!!!Free_sex_pics & #Allsexpics Join us regularly we got it all right here for ya...
#Frallan || [17:13:18] * friiik is away: (äta / plugga / duscha / telesex me Kaptenen / sova):(l:off/p:off) || Stats ---> Http://
#Gay The premier Dalnet gay channel. Meet and chat with gay men worldwide.
#GaySweden [ENG/SWE] - #GaySweden - Meet other peoples from all over the world, but try to bring the swedish blond boys *G* - You don't have to be gay to join our channel :) This is NOT a sexchannel. - Idle or Chat :o)
#GenderBenders Come Join The World Of GenderBenders... Support, Information ect... Visit NOT A GAY OR RELIGIOUS CHANNEL!! Join us and idle and show support for and AGAINST #godhatesfags and Gay, straight, bisexual or unsure - sexual orientation doesn't matter, just idle to help us =)
#HA_PhoneSex ©º°¨¨°º© Welcome to Phonesex ... Cum in and play with Paradox .... he can take it like a real man - be one of the first to know about the new server and the Grand Opening Party * Must be 18 years of age to enter this site*©º°¨¨°º©
#Hot_point Bem vindos!!! Vistem nossos sites (para maiores de 18 anos) e
#Lesbiancafe Womyn 4 Womyn chat for over 18's. No men, male accounts, teen or sex channels.
#PERUSEX Bienvenidos a #perusex
#Porno_sexpics_n_Movies Porno, Sexpics,-n- Movies....What else can you want? FTP'z, Fservers, and WEB-ADs are Welcomed Here. Also checkout #Allsexpics or #SexFserv !
#Rough_Phone_Sex Blackmail, forced and rape sex on the phone. 18+ no pedo. If you don't like the query you got, keep it to yourself, use the ignore command and we do not care to hear about it.
#SexFserv Welcome, its the Best place for Fserving, Trading Sex Pics on IRC ! Also check out our Sister Channels #mpg_avi_sexxx_pics_n_porn & #Allsexpics & #100%Collegegirlsexpics & #ExoticGirliePics ;)
#SexyTS 18+ -- Transgendered & Lovers *** ALSO group @ (!LIST command is active) New hot TS movies here
#Sexpics Sexpic trading channel.
#TSsexCam Lookin for CD's,TG's,TS's,TV's, and SM's (shemales) that have WebCAM's. Memoserv or Msg wedgies if interested... Thnx... =)
#The_Lonely_Inn 18+ ONLY A fantasy sex play channel. Welcome, to the Lonely Inn, deep in Belariath's wilds. Please follow the rules - see and for details. + = F Char. OOC Room
#Lonely_Inn_OOC Unwarranted intrusion in rape / slave scenes will earn a temp ban.
#Wooofs-subs (18+) Sexy subbies and hot slaves K9 dogsex meeting place. Bring your flesh and desires, release your kinky passions and needs. NO ONJOINS!! -- NO PRIVATE messages to people unless their approval first!! -- Wooof is Bot, accepting msgs. -- Scene, roleplay, newbies and wannebies welcome -- New? Type !help
#allsex WeLcOmE tO #aLLsEx !!!!!!!!!!! Twin CHannel : #Leisure
#anal&sex Looking for new members, no application fee
#analsex This is hard core ass fucking..No teens / rape / lilkids / animals channels allowed 18+ to join and NO /MSG without asking in the channel first
#aussie-dogsex Welcome. Stay & Enjoy. We love our furry friends. 18+ Only
#babes-r-us Babes-R-Us! Where Quanity matters! Come In and Have Fun! 18+ Please...If you are a girl... type !girl to get a plussie... Tonight's topic... hot nasty Alexie sex
#bam barnyard sex
#bbw-sensuallysexy 18+ It's thirsty Thursday.... come tell us what your favorite thing to drink is.... and remember, it could be anything *wink*
#bbw-sexy-southerner Southern_Belle says come and check out our yahoo club and pics of all our regulars. Don't forget you must have your yahoo profile filled out in order to be approved for membership.
#bigirlsex Welcome to #BiGirlSex,` The Best on DALnet®!!!(tlm) 'All Welcome! (14+) :) No Trolling, Inviting, Channel Cyber, or Msging Without Asking. (Kickable Offenses!) This is NOT a Pic / Movie / Fserve Channel.
#bisexbondage "18+ ONLY - Welcome... Enjoy Y/your stay. W/we are an easy going bondage/submission/domination channel -- do NOT come in here with attitude.
#blackWhitesex Keep in mind that DALnet rules state that channel founders and their ops may run channels however they wish, even if they are unfair, as long as they don't abuse DALnet's Services. There are no rules that state that channel founder and ops SHOULD BE FAIR
#bondagetheater (18+ Only) Welcome! Vids-Pics-Insex-Rm. Channel page: Play our TRIVIA GAME. You could win a prize. No Animal \ Kiddie \ Rape \ Teen channels. :)
#borneogay_sex Borneo region gay channel.
#dad&daughtersex The Not-So-Original Channel for "Dads" and "Daughters" to Talk and have Fun. No trading, No Fserves
#deathsex Http:// is now online... Enjoy!
#espornsexxxmovies ESP Releases: I Swallow #4 [Tuesday] | Screw My Wife Please #3 [Wednesday] | The Babysitter #6 [Thursday] | Jill Kelly's Adult Movie [Friday] | Gang Bang Angels #16 [Saturday] | Gigolo A Love Story [Sunday] | Barely Legal #6 [Monday]
#esp-recruits Recruiting chan for #espornsexxxmovies, please idle here until an op talks to u, if u cant wait then just msg an op and they will get back to u eventually | new recruits who setup ftps for us to upload to will get files quicker, bailing after we up=perm ban
#familysex Age 16+. No Trading / fserves / TVs / CDs / offensive nicks or language. Have fun! // anyone that wants to be voiced, message an op
#familysexxxx No Description Available.
#fantasy! I sent it :D "Remember this lonely kids: there's no law that limits the number of times you can masturbate in one day. If you have to simulate activities you'd normally do with other people, at least make it sex instead of board games. Have some self respect."--Seanbaby
#femhumiliationsex BDSM 21+ When she whispers "yes Master" for the very first time......... Visit us at
#funsexyflirts Welcome to #funsexyflirts! Come on in and take a seat! Relax and unwind and have a little fun! 18+ only, please. Females type !girl for a plussie. Make sure to say hi to the incredibly sexy remi. :)
#gayaussieguys Welcome to #gayaussieguys - this is not a pickup channel - preteen and family sex type channels not allowed - nor are requests for ASL pics and videos
#gayboysex Gayboy Sex Chat
#gay Dalnet's premier gay meeting channel. Gay sex discussion.
#gayphonesex The channel where guys cum calling!
#gaysex 18+ ONLY. WELCOME! Come in and drop a load! Type !rules for channel rules and have fun! Don't forget to visit and show support for equal rights and against
#gentlebondage ¤*`*¤ The consensual and romantic restraint of a beloved and cherished partner for mutual sexual enjoyment ¤*`*¤
#gigoloz Welcome To The Oyster's Club Pls Visit OR OR OR
#group-sex 24 HR ORGY! Keep the chatting sex-related and keep it IN THE CHANNEL. Visit our website: Here a fuck is just a fuck.
#halikansex Welcome to HALIKANSEX ang Channel ng mga Horny Chatters na Cute Ma Appeal At May Dating !!!! SO ENJOY URS STAY HERE! ON THIS CHANNEL !! MUuaaahhh!!! type nyo /server (6667) and JOin #Dagupan
#homosexuals All gay people come here
#homos_in_action Learn how the homosexual agenda can save YOU money!
#horsesex Equine love. Women and big horses.
#ilikesex I like sex, do you like sex too?
#indonesian-sex No Description Available.
#kethmar_brothel The Brothels and private rooms of kethmar city... (sexually themed roleplay in kethmar 18+)
#les Welcome to #Les, a channel for Lesbian and Bi Women to get together and chat. Rules: Age limit 16+, NO MEN, No 'questionable' or sex channels, do not cyber or pic trade in the main, no advertising / inviting, No guest / all caps / random nicks. Do not ignore or disrespect an @op - and please speak english
#lesbian_getaway Welcome to Getaway! A great place for ALL women! Ladies........Lets start making some NOISE here again! grin. come back come back where ever you are! satin. 18+ no men and no rude sex channels pls! satin
#lesbians All Women Welcome! Rules: No Men, 18+, English, No sex/pic/teen chans, no pics or sex, no fighting/abusive behavior, no pasting in main. channel website
#lesbiansex&torture The naughty but nice women's scening channel where agreement is the main rule. Absolutely no guys, bots, unpleasant behaviour, real-life involvement incl. self-pics, pic traders, trolling in main, pedos, spammers or fly-bys ... OP decisions are final
#lestoiletsex ' Welcome to #lestoiletsex. NO men / posers / pedo / rape crosschanning. + Join our sister channel #lestoiletsluts for added fun.'
#lingerie Welcome to #lingerie - A place to talk about silky, sexy lingerie that clings to a womans body. 18+ Usual nono's. Visit
#literotica The best little sex chat in town
#mafiabr Welcome to the Mafiabr team, your source for shemale and transsexual XXX passwords.
#mpg_avi_sexxx_pics_n_porn SexFserv P0sse -Working to be SPAMFREE, PLEASE WAIT FOR VOICE--All XXX Trading Channel -- XXX / Servers / FtpZ / MPGZ n Avis / (18+) : Also Try #BroadBand^Porn , #Allsexpics : Fast P0rN :)
#naturism A place for naturists and nudists to congregate and chat. No sex channels, please.
#netmeetingsex ADULTS Only 18+! ]] Welcome! Our temporary website is now up ! Type !help for assistance. Meet people to have sex with on the webcam.
#Safe-SEX-Chat Please type /REMOTE OFF SMS Service is Here, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Nicholas_chang KEEP it cool bro | op pls check ur memo
#oralsex Topic wanted, lick within
#paki_sex welcome on #paki_sex life is full with charm if u wanna find it then see charm in ur heart
#!!!!!pamela's_pedos_&_kids This Channel is designed for adults and kids to join in intimate open room chat. Female / girls get "+". Exceptions are: No Rape or Forced sex chat, Thanks.
#phonesex <Mickey_Rourke> you can play with my monkey balls , my mommy says I have cute hairless monkey balls
#phonesex! <Penmaster> there's no reason to go thru drama on irc 18+ No Teen Incest Animal Family Co-Channeling.....A quiet place to come chat , meet new people ,and maybe have phonesex
#phonesexx 18+ <angiepangie25> well, I'm gonna head out too....need to eat some lunch *** USdyver is now known as Lunch
#rapesex 18+ Ask in channel BEFORE you msg someone or you will be BANNED. We DON'T trade ANY pics, white slaves, or movies. NO co-channeling with Toilet, Incest, Family, Teen, or other fucked up channels
#realromance Welcome to #realromance. 18+, No sexual talk in open channel. Ladies will be treated as ladies at all times!
#russian_sex posmatrite nash site:) people I'll Be Back!!!
#sexbinaries Sex binaries trading channel.
#sexchat Chat about sex, meet new cybersex partners.
#sexmovies \\'elcome to DALnet #SexMovies! (18+)
#sexmovies-cable Welcome to #sexmovies-cable. Under New Management.
#sexmoviespics FSERVS and FTPS VERY welcome! PORN PORN PORN! Enjoy your stay!
#!!!!!sex_pics AAA XXX PICS & MORE
#sexpics \\'elcome to DALnet #SexPics! -=- Longest Running Adult Channel on IRC! (18+)
#sexpixshare The #1 Pix Sharing Channel on DALnet 18+ ONLY- Pix SHARING. No Trading,No Ratios, Kiddie, Rape, TEEN or Highschool. Any KIDDIE users get BOOTED out. So dont even try it. We GIVE the pics away, you dont have to send BACK!! Very cool! No lurking - Idlers banned
#!!!!!!!!!!sexvideos Come on in and share some stories
#sexvids FreePorn to the Pornless People of the World.Trade, Swap, Leech, Serve - Vids, Mp3's, Warez What ever (no TEENS) Ratios are not allowed . Web ads & ratios & Ftp Spammers will be kicked!! 18+Only All connections welcome. Leech Free Servers get voice (+v) and a chance for @'s.
#!!!!!!sexxxvids ©º°¨¨°º©©º°¨¨°º©Now Showing FULL MOVES AMERICA RUALS!!!!!!©º°¨¨°º©©º°¨¨°º©
#sexy_fun No Description Available.
#sexy_n_nude_celebrities IT's NOT porn, but the nudity is sexy as hell. Your place for Celebrities. Try /ctcp Birdhunter !qmdir BH for my, arguably, largest Celeb server in existance. Over 400,001 pics strong. And we use @find for your favorite celebrity
#sexyolderwomen Welcome to #SexyOlderWomen
#!!!!!sexyolderwomen Welcome to #!!!!!SexyOlderWomen
#slavesex Welcome to the D/s community! [ ]
#slavesluthumiliation Welcome to #slavesluthumiliation, 18+ Only the Most Depraved may enter...slaves are shamed,degraded,used & abused for the Dom/mes; slaves beg entrance & describe for the Dom/mes -; no snuff sex, incest, pedophilia, necrophilia or cannibalism. This is a SCENING CHANNEL-No PMs
#sleepysex (New msg board!) - Sexual Fantasies With Sleeping Partners 18+ please
#snuffsex Bend me, shape me..anyway u want to...long as u kill me, its alright.... 18+, consensual, be polite, no trading or trolling, and no pedo co-channeling.<Snuffette>
#spasex Give me some Luvin'. DSW ...Welcome to #spasex, make your self comfy and slip in the water! 18+ chan, and no PM's without permission [He Was A Wise Man Who Invented Beer DSW ] Vist our website @, a work in progress :)
#submissionsex SSx is back under NEW Management. Come inside and take a peek, pull up a Chair... grab a girl. Enjoy yourself.... Doms\Dommes\subs\slaves apply inside.
#subs&slaves A great places to be bound, tied, humiliated, and sexed!
#!!!!!!!!sugardaddy SugarDaddy: n. Slang. A wealthy, usually older man who gives expensive gifts to a young person in return for sexual favors or companionship.
#svensksex Välkommen till denna icke-sexkanal. 13 Trakassera inte våra vackra flickor. 12Vi har tråkig topic :)
#teensex Welcome to #Teensex... Read Our Rules At
#teensexpics 18+ Pics Only! No Spam!
#teenssex welcome to this channel !!!! #teenssex !!!!!!!!!! stay here
#toiletsex enjoy but remember the rules.. No co-channeling with underage or teenie rooms. or incest bots..spamming not permitted...ask before pvt msg.. enjoy!!!!!!
#torontosex TOMMY'S B-DAY WEEKEN STARTS IN NIAGRA FALLS SATURDAY AND ENDS AT HELIUM SUNDAY NITE IF IM STILL STANDING!!!!!!!<- did this thing happen yet? if so please change the topic
#transexual NOT A SEX CHANNEL - NO Private Messages OR DCC - Support for FtM & MtF, IS, and Significant Others. Home page:
#transgendered A Friendly Oasis to be Yourself (not a sex channel)
#ts&is_support This is a Support Channel for Transsexual & Intersexed Persons. NOT a sex channel No DCC/Private Messages without asking first in the channel! We've got a website, somewhere at
#ts_lesbians Chat channel for transexuals and lesbians, and of course both.
#tssex Look Up Look Down Look all around Your pants are falling down! We Are The T*Girls & Admirer's HangOut! Visit For Help Tips and Read Our Rules. Welcome! Join #TSsexMovies&Pics on the Transgender server type /server
#tvsex 18+ Welcome to the channel. Sign our guest book at
#upc Homosexualitet är en sjukdom. AIDS är botemedlet!! ||
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#whorehousesex No Description Available.
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